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Put your skin under acids!

You'll see that it will never be the same again.

Behind the barbaric name of fruit acids hides exceptional active ingredients that awaken the Male! These substances, that can be found in their most natural state in several different fruits and in sugar cane, are certainly the most powerful and efficient that exist in cosmetics.  These two urban skin allies make miracles. The lack of sleep, pollution, exposure to UV lights, stress and a sometimes unbalanced diet have a negative impact on the equilibrium and quality of your skin. To fight against the lack of hydration, imperfections or even the appearance of wrinkles, you can count of fruit acids (also known as AHA). This scientific method of exfoliation is created from using fruit acids that promise a deep reaction to the cells, unlike “mechanical” exfoliation that superficially attacks dead skin through scrubbing. 

Which Acids for your skin?

Each fruit acid has different distinguishing qualities and we are here to help you see clearly in this fruit salad. The primary action of AHA resides in their keratolytic abilities – they weaken the link that retains dead skin cells. When these links are weakened, dead skin cells can be removed from the surface of the skin which encourages the production of collagen and stimulates cell renewal. Lactic acid is a very powerful and efficient moisturizer that makes the skin softer, smoother and brighter. Glycolic acid, deriving from cane sugar, presents the most keratolytic abilities of all AHA. It’s glycolic acid that is responsible for the immediate “new skin” effect after the first application. Citric acid stimulates the collagen synthesis and gives back radiance, reduces wrinkles and slows down the formation of wrinkles. Tartaric acid et malic acid reinforce the skin’s elasticity. 

And what happens when you go under Acids?

These powerful active ingredients, when they are in their natural state, deeply treat skin. The combined action with fruit acids gives way to a multi-level exfoliation and is thus even more efficient. The Acids will:

  • Fight against pimples
  • Dislodge microcysts 
  • Erase acne scars
  • Retighten dilated pores and refine skin texture
  • Erase blackheads 
  • Eliminate impurities and sebum 
  • Dislodge ingrown hair
  • Smoothen wrinkles
  • Harmonize and brighten complexion

That’s it! We told you that fruit acids make miracles! An Acid treatment? Acids react day after day; their reaction is intensified overtime and their results are long-lasting.

Detox treatment

Two treatments per year, for one to two months, after summer and at the end of winter.

Rehab treatment 

All year long, two to three times per week, or even every day for fans. The effects are visible after the first week of application; regular and prolonged use will guarantee radiant and beautiful skin.

What goes best with Acids?

When you use fruit acids it’s necessary to take some precautions. A fruit acid treatment will help in giving you “new skin”. Thus your skin needs to be generously nourished and protected from sun. After each AHA treatment, moisturize your skin thoroughly with a moisturizing cream. If your skin will be exposed to the sun, use sun protection and apply your fruit acid treatment at night. During your first applications of fruit acids you will feel a tingling sensation and might experience redness. This is normal; it means that the product is deeply reacting. You should therefore reduce the length of time between each application until the symptoms completely disappear. Enjoy your acid treatment and don’t hesitate in contacting us to share your thoughts and opinions by email: hello@archiman.fr

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