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This Summer Archiman Settles Down in Saint-Tropez

It is within a stylish apartment, hidden in the heart of Saint-Tropez, that Archiman has decided to settle down. Ludivine Vitalie, an expert in high-end personal care welcomes you to an intimate setting to live a unique and unparalleled experience. Far for the bustle of the port and its wild parties, Ludivine offers you a moment of intense relaxation, an experience, a sensorial voyage… an unprecedented savoir-faire for beauty, balance and health, with her custom male skincare treatment: Synesthélift® The Inner Strength.

Centered on physical, mental and emotional serenity and harmony, this fulfilling environment opens its doors to a male clientele looking for experiential and sensorial luxury. In a confidential and warm atmosphere, each treatment is carefully tailor-made in order to offer you a unique experience.

Synesthélift® The Inner Strength, a Fusion of Wellbeing and Energy

This uniquely masculine treatment is for the face, shoulders, neck, eyes, and scalp. The objective: to dispel tension, combat dermal fatigue related to stress, the lack of sleep, digital and atmospheric pollution, the harmful effects of Tabaco…A truly holistic treatment, Synesthélift® The Inner Force taps into the richness of oriental philosophy, unifying a variety of relaxing and revitalizing techniques. Each product concentrates the best active ingredients that nature has to offer. From cleaning rituals to finalizing treatments with ARCHIMAN products, from precious essential oils for massages, only nature and enchantment reigns here.

Holistic and Customized Treatments  

Each treatment starts with a personalized interview and breathing exercises to recenter oneself in the now and present. Energetic elixirs and personalized vibrations are included throughout the treatment according to the needs of each individual and the season. A moment of intense relaxation, a unique experience, a sensorial voyage… After a 70-minute session, the male face rediscovers its force and energy, with a fresh and radiant complexion, facial lines are revitalized and visibly rejuvenated, the mind reenergized and serenity refound.

Ludivine invites you:
10 rue du Petit Saint-Jean
83990 Saint-Tropez

07 86 28 87 19

« Beauty will save the world » DOSTOEVSKY

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